Daily Digest: Release The Robots

GerryT knows as well as anyone that just because an archetype is proven doesn’t mean it can’t morph a bit. Take Affinity, for example. The same shell has been around so long, who knows what else it can do? Check out what else it can do right here! And try it at #SCGATL this weekend!

It takes a lot to get me to want to sleeve up Affinity in any format, and yet here we are. Affinity in Legacy has a lot of powerful options available to
it, but I like this version that chooses a middle road. Instead of picking some gimmick to work off of, it plays solid cards that already see play in other
archetypes, forming a tight little package.

Stoneforge Mystic can fetch Cranial Plating, which is adorable, or Sword of the Meek to go with the Thopter Foundries, which are already reasonable against
removal spells. Baleful Strix fills the artifact and blue card quota, while Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas occupies the top end. Arcbound Ravager is nowhere to
be seen since this deck has no interest in sacrificing its board state.

Chalice of the Void and a plethora of sideboard options are two of the best reasons to play Affinity in Legacy. This list has all that plus some added