Daily Digest: Reckless And Relentless

GerryT and his reckless friend revive an archetype that fell out of favor despite nearly winning the Pro Tour last time around! Does this new addition have what it takes to revive the deck?

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!

Do you remember Martin Mueller’s deck from the Top 8 of Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar? Of course not, since I can’t remember a single soul playing it after that tournament.

It might be time for a comeback. Oath of the Gatewatch offers up a unique tool for Jeskai Ascendancy decks: Reckless Bushwhacker. Previously, the deck would have to take a turn off to deploy some tokens and wait a turn before attacking for lethal. Now, you can start the turn with basically nothing and end the turn by attacking for twenty.

In the meantime, slow the game down. Kill your opponent’s creatures and keep your life total high. If you’re not ready to kill your opponent yet, each draw step will get you closer, especially once you have a Jeskai Ascendancy to filter away excess lands.

Only two Treasure Cruise is kind of low. It’s kind of the payoff card with Jeskai Ascendancy, but this deck is also a tad clunkier than previous versions. I could see most games ending without needing a Treasure Cruise at the top end. Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is a helluva card.

Well, what do you think? Does Reckless Bushwhacker make you want to take a second look at this deck?

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!