Daily Digest: Playing Nahiri Just Feels Rite

We’ve reached that glorious point in the metagame where someone finally thought to take two powerful things and just shove them together! Don’t be surprised if this list shows up big time at #SCGATL next weekend!

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<p>Nahiri? Why not?</p>
<p>We’re starting to see a movement away from the combo versions of Four-Color Rite toward various more streamlined builds focused on exploiting a massive mana advantage and the natural power of cards like <a href=Collected Company, Duskwatch Recruiter, Eldrazi Displacer, and Reflector Mage.

Channel Fireball adopted Dragonlord Atarka as a way to go bigger than their opponents at #GPNY but Hyper has one-upped them with his inclusion of Nahiri, the Harbinger. Now, typically searching up Dragonlord Atarka with Nahiri is pretty good but not necessarily game over. However, when it’s possible to search up the powerful Dragonlord and then immediately blink her with Eldrazi Displacer, there is little hope for an opponent to recover.

This package is concise and subtracts very little from what is already a powerful and proven deck. Cryptolith Rite certainly has an issue with drawing air and various underpowered creatures in the late-game. Nahiri’s plus ability helps to mitigate those issues while also allowing Rite to diversify its batlefield position against sweepers and other forms of interaction.

Even if Dragonlord Atarka is drawn or dies, tutoring up something as simple as Duskwatch Recruiter or Eldrazi Displacer is quite effective. That might be all it takes to start snowballing Nahiri Rite’s battlefield into an insurmountable position.

The other inclusion that isn’t necessarily stock is Matter Reshaper. This card is really just an elegant insulation against Cryptolith Rite’s bad matchups and I like that it can improve the deck against sweepers and offers more opportunities at pulling way out in front whenever it spikes a creature.

Hyper’s sideboard is fairly straightforward and boring, but Hyper just knows what they want and what the best effects are. Reality Smasher and Negate further improve the control matchups, while Sylvan Advocate and Dromoka’s Command are great against anyone trying to fight you on the battlefield.

These Four-Color Rite decks just keep evolving and this one looks fantastic.