Daily Digest: “Play Whatever You Want”

Sometimes the old adage comes true. Someone has taken the “play whatever you want” concept to the ultimate in Standard craziness. So get your trade binder and sleeve it up for #SCGATL!

When a Magic format has fetchlands that can also get dual lands, you can do some wild things. Polluted Delta is somehow the best fetchland in your Jeskai deck and you end up being able to splash a fourth color for free fairly often. It doesn’t make any sense. It ain’t right.

And I’m pretty sure we all love it.

JIMYKID86 took a rather normal-looking Esper Dragons deck and decided to spice it up a bit. He was rewarded with a 5-0 finish in a Standard League, a mountain of Play Points, and the respect of his peers. A miser’s Bring to Light highlights a package of fun-ofs: Read the Bones, Crackling Doom, Kolaghan’s Command, and even an Infinite Obliteration find their way into the maindeck. Look, if we’re going to play Lumbering Falls and Cinder Glade in our Esper deck, we can get a little wild.

My favorite part of the deck is the Siege Rhino in the sideboard. Somehow, I feel like that’s how JIMYKID86 got in this situation in the first place. “I wonder if I can fit Siege Rhino in here…” Now look, you’ve got a Dragonmaster Outcast too! These manabases are a slippery slope.

I think Oath of the Gatewatch is going to rein people in and make them more disciplined. After all, the format is speeding up and colorless mana requires you to be a tad more conservative with your manabase. This whole “play whatever you want” thing might not last long.

Enjoy it!