Daily Digest: On The Hunt

Sometimes a deck is so brilliant that even GerryT can’t figure out what to make of it. Today’s Daily Digest is one of a kind, and if you want to hunt a trophy at #SCGWOR’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ, you can’t do it with a sweeter weapon than this one!

[CEDitor’s Note: Is this deck real? Is this deck fake? Did this deck actually get fourth in a WMCQ? Is this the best deck to ever be featured in Daily Digest? Those are all questions only you can answer].

When I started this column, I didn’t expect to find anything like this performing at such a high level. Containing 54 lands (and not a whole lot else), this deck made it all the way to the Top 4 of a WMCQ. This deck’s goal is simple: cast Treasure Hunt. Doing so on turn 2 may result in you having to discard a bunch of cards unless you have a Reliquary Tower, so you may have to wait until turn 3 when you can play the Reliquary Tower as your land drop. With a full grip, you should be able to crush your opponent with a horde of zombies.

Obviously with a deck like this, you can’t actually afford to sideboard too much. Treasure Hunting into a non-Treasure Hunt or non-Zombie Infestation card is often a disaster. However, if your opponent is presenting a faster clock, you may have to alter the configuration a bit. Simon either lost to Ad Nauseam or Living End in the semis, both of which seem like bad matchups. Perhaps Leyline of the Void should be in place of four of those sideboard Islands?

With a manabase devoid of “real” dual lands, I can’t help but wonder how much of a troll this deck was. After all, I don’t think Dismal Backwater is the land you register if you’re taking things seriously. Maybe Polluted Delta isn’t the thing you want since thinning your deck may translate to one less land if you Treasure Hunt for a bunch of cards, which then translates into half a fewer Zombie. Still, something like Darkslick Shores or Watery Grave has to be good, right?

Aside from any upgrades, what’s it cost to build this deck? Two dollars? The entry fee alone must have been ten times what it cost to build the deck. You can’t really beat that.

Treasure Hunt
Simon Nielsen
4th Place at World Magic Cup Qualifier on 09-05-2015