Daily Digest: Massive Warriors

Kibler’s G/W deck dominated the metagame at Grand Prix San Diego… but the G/W deck tearing it up online is actually a Tribal Warriors build that you have to see to believe.

There’s been a mini resurgence of Warrior decks on Magic Online, and it’s mostly because of 11_JAGUAR_11. He’s been testing and tuning various builds of the deck and doing quite well. Even other people are starting to pick up the deck and play it themselves.

The first version I saw was a mono-Warriors build, focusing on Arashin Foremost, Collected Company, and a host of creatures I bet you didn’t know were Warriors. Den Protector, come out to play-ay! Sunblade Elf, Mardu Woe-Reaper, and Elvish Mystic give this deck an unprecedented number of excellent one-drops. This deck keeps its curve low, topping out at the excellent Collected Company, which allows it to swarm the board and finish the game with a large Might of the Masses.

The second version is an odd, go-wide approach featuring token generators and Chord of Calling. Might of the Masses still makes an appearance, but without the hard-hitting early-game creatures its effect is often less than lethal. Ultimately, I think you want to spend less time durdling around with Chord of Calling for Brutal Hordechief and you should simply focus on what the deck was doing best.

I prefer the first version, and it isn’t particularly close. It hits hard and fast, plus there are a lot of crazy backwards synergies between tribes that I enjoy. This deck has been performing quite well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this deck started showing up at large tournaments and making a deep run or two.