Daily Digest: Mardu Guy Returns

Mardu Guy cannot be contained. Despite it’s relative unpopularity, someone always finds a way to succeed with a few Nomad Outposts and a ton of removal. See the latest Mardu Guy success story here before you travel to #SCGKC!

Title: Mardu Guy Returns

It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or not, because someone will inevitably do well with Mardu. Ryuji’s deck has a bunch of notable upgrades from the Mardu
deck that Brian Kibler and I played at #PTBFZ.

The focus on planeswalkers over Dragons is a big step up. You lose out on Draconic Roar, but that’s fine because you still have Fiery Impulse. Mardu is
also a color combination that isn’t exactly lacking in playable removal.

The move away from Dragons to Thopters is huge. Spot removal is basically no longer good against this sort of Mardu deck, plus you can really take
advantage of Gideon, Ally of Zendikar’s emblem. Secure the Wastes is another nice card to have access to since you have Sorin and Gideon in the deck
already. I wouldn’t be surprised if playing more Secure the Wastes was correct.

With Dragonlord Ojutai making a comeback, anything with Crackling Doom has my attention. That in combination with Duress and Painful Truths out of the
sideboard should make for a pretty nice Esper Dragons matchup. Nothing can really keep Mardu Guy down.