Daily Digest: Knight’s Vengeance

Gerry’s latest installment of Daily Digest has a Modern list that dredges for land-based advantage with Life from the Loam… and mills past Haakon, Stromgald Scourge to lock down the board.

Life from the Loam strategies have been mostly absent from Modern due to the absence of cycling lands and the lack of utility lands in general. Graveyard hate tends to be plentiful, so a backup plan is in order. Sometimes you just decide to go all-in though.

Raven’s Crime and Flame Jab are reasonable cards, especially in conjunction with Life from the Loam, but what happens when you have a Burning Vengeance in play also? Suddenly those cards are really, really good! There’s also Haakon, Stromgald Scourge alongside Nameless Inversion (tribal – Knight you say?) for when you get to the midgame.

HeWhoSpeaksToHimself apparently didn’t need a backup plan, as he has only two Abrupt Decays to kill Rest in Peace. Things like Relic of Progenitus can be worked around, but Rest in Peace is the one that will really crush you. However, it’s not like Rest in Peace is all over the place, so maybe you shouldn’t worry that much.

Overall I like the look of the deck, but I’d try to play some fetchlands. They can be painful, especially when added up over time with Life from the Loam, but they fix your mana and allow you to get some card advantage from Life from the Loam before you start dredging or retracing.

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge is one of the coolest cards ever, and I’m a fan of any deck that puts him to good use.