Daily Digest: iZombie

#SCGStates has a big Modern event on Sunday, and this is a great deck if you’re looking for something a little different! If you like shambling over your opponents and eating brains, GerryT has found your deck!

Since tribal synergies haven’t come up in Standard for a while, you might be surprised by the creature types of some cards. Gray Merchant of Asphodel? Zombie. Tidehollow Sculler? Yes, somehow a Zombie. Lifebane Zombie? Okay, you probably knew that one.

It probably won’t be long before there are enough great Zombies to make a Tier 1 deck in Modern, but AngryDwarf is making a go of it anyway. Diregraf Ghoul and Gravecrawler provide some early aggression, while Geralf’s Messenger and Gray Merchant of Asphodel provide the reach necessary to close games. Cavern of Souls is quite good with Gray Merchant of Asphodel as well. With a healthy amount of enters-the-battlefield effects, Restoration Angel makes for a very reasonable splash.

Lifebane Zombie and Zealous Persecution are both nods to the powerful Abzan archetype, and more copies of hateful cards are awaiting in the sideboard. A full playset of Kor Firewalkers are also lurking in the sideboard because Burn is definitely not a favorable matchup.