Daily Digest: It’s a Trap!

Some of you may remember this quickly forgotten classic. Gerry certainly does! Check out Eldae’s Junk deck inspired by an old Extended deck that disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Unfortunately, sometimes all that Trap finds is a Nest Invader, but hey, it’s still pretty scary.

This deck debuted at Pro Tour Amsterdam way back during Extended, but never really made a big splash. That said, I did get annihilated by this deck (literally) in a PTQ Top 8 a while back, so it’s definitely got merit. The Plan A is to cast Primeval Titan and search for some Windbrisk Heights, hopefully finding an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Alternatively, you could just raw-dog the Windbrisk Heights into Emrakul or potentially Summoning Trap into something very large.

Turn 3 Primeval Titans aren’t out of the question with this deck since it has a large amount of mana acceleration. Lotus Cobra apparently no longer makes the cut, likely because of the high volume of Electrolyzes in the format, but it was another powerful way to cast Primeval Titan ahead of schedule.

In order to turn on Windbrisk Heights, there’s Nest Invader, Lingering Souls, and the ability to Primeval Titan for manlands like Mutavault, Treetop Village, and Dryad Arbor. Even if Windbrisk Heights is “only” finding you another Lingering Souls or Knight of the Reliquary, that’s still a pretty good deal.

This deck has a lot of threat density and backdoor ways to outright cast Emrakul. The fact that it’s also a reasonable beatdown deck gives it a leg up on something like Possibility Storm or Polymorph. White also has some of the most powerful hate cards in Modern, so many of the difficult matchups get a lot better after sideboarding.