Daily Digest: I’ll Be Back

Coming online. Daily Digest engaged. Loading…Loading…Mission: Destroy. Mission: Terminate. All Other #SCGCOL Modern Classic Decks Are To Be Eliminated This Sunday. Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeep.

They say two wrongs don’t make a right…and they’re right. Eldrazi are taking over the world despite a fearsome Human resistance (where is John Connor when you need him?) and no one but Joe Lossett likes Tron.

So who in their right mind would combine the two?! Nothing good can happen! And to make matters worse, they even added Chalice of the Void. Do you just hate fun? Not cool, man. Not cool.

This is like Terminator 2 when we were all watching and thinking: “How are they going to beat the robots now? They’re liquid metal, seemingly impervious to bullets, and can shapeshift into any form they need. This is unfair.” I mean, we banned Eye of Ugin to cut down on the fast mana for Eldrazi, and you just make seven mana on turn 3 anyway, so what was even the point?

So let’s put on our sweet Arnold glasses. (I’m assuming you all have a pair sitting on your desk. If not, for shame and go get some. I’ll wait.)

Okay, got the glasses? Good. Now let’s look at this one like a T-100 and maybe we’ll stand a chance.

…Deck: Eldrazi Tron

…Objective: Make Lots of Mana, Play Powerful Creatures

…Strengths: Explosiveness, High Power Level

…Weaknesses: Low on Interaction, Especially for Creature-Light Decks

The combination of Dismember, Warping Wail, and Endbringer gives the deck a surprising amount of removal, which was a weakness of the old Eldrazi lists that compensated with the broken Eye of UginEldrazi Mimic draws. Still, Chalice of the Void is incredibly important for interacting with noncreatures, so the deck is certainly vulnerable to fast combo if you can handle Chalice, since it’s not as fast.

Thought-Knot Seer and Spellskite help a little, the latter especially against things like G/W Hexproof and Infect, but the real strength here lies in the big creatures that let you go over the top. A fast Tron or Eldrazi Temple draw can lead to very aggressive starts, and even if your opponent answers them, you can build to Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger or Kozilek, the Great Distortion.

Kozilek is a nice addition; this deck has a more spread-out curve than normal Tron, so you will be able to leverage its ability more easily. The spread-out curve also lets you play a more aggressive game than Tron without losing too much in power level, since the Eldrazi are so strong.

There was an Eldrazi Tron deck with Eye of Ugin that flew under the radar once the U/W version rose in popularity, and it certainly seems to be the one to lose the least from the ban, so I’d suggest you gather up a bunch of canned food, stockpile some weapons, and prepare for the Eldrazi apocalypse.

Please help us, John Connor!