Daily Digest: How To Bring Back A Dead Archetype

Slivers aren’t the only tribe on the Modern comeback trail! See GerryT showcase the latest tribe to return to prominence before #SCGMKE’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ!

When people pictured the return of Goblins, I bet they assumed it would be thanks to the reprint of Goblin Piledriver. Well, here it is, the return of

…Featuring one Goblin Piledriver.

Twenty one-drops highlight an aggressive curve that finishes with Goblin Grenades. Legion Loyalist keeps things like Spike Jester and Foundry Street
Denizen from being blocked profitably, allowing you to get major chunks of damage through. It doesn’t take many hits from those two to make Atarka’s
Command or Goblin Grenade lethal.

The manabase looks like it would function like a dream. Few of your lands deal you damage, but it could probably use some more green sources. The sideboard
is what I would expect out of a good Goblins sideboard. There are fast combo decks, big mana decks, and scary permanents to deal with, but this deck has
several ways to fight against each of those. The best strategy, as always, is to simply win before they do.

So, if Goblin Piledriver wasn’t what brought this deck back to life, what was it? Honestly, I think the deck was always reasonable. We might be living in a
Lightning Bolt world, but your opponent needs more than one Lightning Bolt if they’re trying to contain you. The real kicker may have finally been the
amount of hate for Burn in the format. Going wide with Goblin Bushwhacker and Atarka’s Command will yield you better results against Feed the Clan,
Spellskite, and Leyline of Sanctity than Lava Spike will. Just watch out for Timely Reinforcements!