Daily Digest: He Exercises His Right To Bear Arms

With the $5,000 Legacy Premier IQ fast approaching at #SCGWOR, GerryT finds a player willing to bring back an old Legacy favorite. And yes. We are talking about that card.

That’s right. Werebear is back in Legacy, and this time, he’s pissed off! Tarmogoyf has been stealing the spotlight lately and Werebear is sick of it.

Why would we want a weaker Tarmogoyf that does a terrible Elvish Mystic impersonation? Well, it does cost two, so that allows us to play Chalice of the Void if we want. Chalice wants Mox Diamond, so you can play it on turn 1, and that means Werebear might just be a turn 1 play anyway.

Werebear still seems worse than Tarmogoyf, even under those conditions, but if your deck is a pile of creatures that’s good at getting threshold, Werebear might finally win out. So we’ve got some Werebears, and Tarmogoyf isn’t good in this deck, so what kind of bizarro universe are we living in?

This deck is a weird combination of Maverick and Aggro Loam with some Meddling Mages thrown in to beat combo. Sylvan Safekeeper protects your Pikulas from harm, allowing you to successfully lock out Show and Tell or Tendrils of Agony for the entire game. Cavern of Souls is frustrating for opponents trying to Daze and Force of Will your creatures. Between Cavern and Safekeeper, your creatures are probably going to stick around and do their thing.

The sideboard is the biggest question mark for me. Hixus? Devout Chaplain? I would try to figure them out, but anyone who chooses to play with Werebear in Legacy in this day and age is a wildcard. I cannot possibly predict their motives.