Daily Digest: #Griselbanned

GerryT knows that some of the best tech comes together outside of the States. Check out this new Modern monster and test it to take down #SCGSTL’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ this weekend!

Some of the best technology for the Goryo’s Vengeance archetype in Modern has come from Japan, and this time is no different. Mixing Goryo’s Vengeance and
Through the Breach is nothing new, but the addition of Liliana of the Veil alongside Howltooth Hollow is something we should probably pay attention to.
Using the full eight discard spells alongside Liliana is a great way to get a leg up against other combo decks while also turning on your Howltooth

That’s not the only piece of technology present in this list though. Quicksilver Amulet is a great way to fight various hate cards, and it has Delirium
Skeins to hate on control decks. Defense Grid is an under-used sideboard card, especially for Modern combo decks.

Overall, this deck is fast, efficient, and doesn’t mess around with stuff like Fury of the Horde. I kind of miss Lightning Axe, especially since it would
be helpful with protecting Liliana, but usually that’s not too important.

Is there any other technology for this archetype out there?