Daily Digest: Greatness, At A Different Cost

No Bob? No problem! Take a look at a natural evolution to combat the (once thought impossible) ineffective nature of Dark Confidant in Modern! Try this awesome tweak to an already-proven contender for #SCGINVI’s IQ!

Let’s face it: Dark Confidant isn’t what it used to be. I’ve been really happy with my B/G-based midrange decks in Modern, but Dark Confidant has been the
weakest link. Even against decks like Birthing Pod, where Dark Confidant is supposed to be amazing, it ends up being rather weak when a good Birthing Pod
player knows they have to get aggressive against you rather than relying on Birthing Pod to beat you.

Splinter Twin has been employing a similar strategy of Lightning Bolt plus Snapcaster Mage in order to nickel and dime the B/G decks out. Against those, I
have no qualms sideboarding out Dark Confidant, and that’s not even taking into consideration all of their burn, such as Electrolyze, that trades favorably
with it.

I wanted something else, but I didn’t know what that something else was. Osmanozguney has shown me the way. His deck utilizes Snapcaster Mage and a host of
other blue spells in order to gain back the card advantage engine that you lose by cutting Dark Confidant. I like the look of his deck, especially since
I’ve wanted to play with Sower of Temptation (and to a lesser extent, Threads of Disloyalty) for a while now.

If you’ve been playing B/G, but haven’t been getting the results you’ve wanted, you could always try Junk or Jund. If it were me, I’d be looking at BUG.