Daily Digest: Goblin Prison

Are you sad that Goblins has fallen off the radar in Legacy? Sure, we all are. But don’t fret yet! One skilled MODO user has taken his undefeated brew into the Daily Digest spotlight before the #SCGINVI this weekend!

Goblins was one of the original scourges of the Legacy format, but these days I’m surprised to see anyone playing Goblins in a tournament that isn’t named
Jim Davis. There are better Aether Vial decks out there, and the Goblin synergies tend to lose to Tarmogoyf.

We need to look at different strategies if we want to get tribal on people, but Optimis344 has the perfect solution — a bigger Goblin deck with mana
acceleration and lock elements. Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are fantastic against the majority of the format and Chalice of the Void is probably good
against the rest.

Your late game consists of Moggcatcher searching for any number of silver bullets or just overwhelming your opponent with Siege-Gang Commanders. The
combination of Chrome Mox, Ancient Tomb, and City of Traitors allows this Goblin deck to skip the early game and power out huge threats very quickly.

I’m definitely interested in trying this deck, and if you’re a Goblin fan, you should be too.