Daily Digest: Getting Aggro With Esper

GerryT loves a list that differs from the norm. With control decks starting to make new waves thanks to Ivan Floch, Gerry finds one list in particular to be pretty interesting going into #SCGNY…

Sometimes you’ll see an Esper Control deck with some Brimazs, Ashioks, or Blood Barons, and have to think about whether or not that’s the right direction
to take the deck. If something like that is good against the majority of decks, perhaps it’s worth playing in the maindeck. Then again, maybe that
something is better coming out of the sideboard after they’ve sided out their removal.

Well, jusc17 decided to overload their removal with a pile of five-drop creatures, reminiscent of Jund and its army of Thragtusks from last season.
Obzedat, Blood Baron, and Prognostic Sphinx are all good against different decks (although they’re all pretty good against Mono-Black Devotion), and they
all do their jobs pretty well. The full amount of Mana Confluences ties the room together.

So what do we not play in order to fit all these fatties? Counterspells, Jaces, and Sphinx’s Revelations obviously. Instead of playing a long game or
worrying too much about what they’re doing, you can just kill them.