Daily Digest: Experimental Faeries

Just when you thought you were safe from Lorwyn block’s most infamous tribe, Gerry finds a new brew! With one of the deck’s most sacred cows cut, Faeries innovates on!

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I’ve heard about Faeries doing pretty well in the Modern PTQ season so far, even winning one. So what happens when the Faeries join the Simic guild?

For starters, you lose out on arguably Faeries’ best card in Bitterblossom. However, it should be noted that Mono-Blue Faeries was an absolute terror during Extended–Bitterblossom was legal and they chose to not play it. Bitterblossom, while powerful, has diminishing returns, and no Faeries deck absolutely needs it.

The options for Faeries in Modern are U/R (with Splinter Twin and/or Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker), Mono-Blue, U/B, and now U/G. The most important question is “What does this splash add that I can’t get anywhere else?” You need a reason.

In this case, the reason is speed. Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch allow for some very fast draws, such as the ones where you connect with a Sword on turn 3. Together with Scryb Ranger (who is conveniently also a Faerie), you can make a lot of mana very quickly, which should get the jump on your opponent.