Daily Digest: Eldrorzhov

We may as well face it: The Eldrazi can’t be stopped. No matter how we rearrange them, they keep climbing to the top of Standard, and GerryT is highlighting the latest giant world-eating incarnation!

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!

Raja’s deck was not the winningest deck on the weekend, but it was one of the coolest! He took Jeff Hoogland’s B/W Control deck from #SCGATL and updated it with #MTGOGW in cool and exciting ways.

Caves of Koilos and Blighted Fen are a good start to casting Matter Reshaper and Spatial Contortion. Foundry of the Consuls is super-tight, especially with cards like Gideon, Ally of Zendikar to pump ’em up.

You have to play some additional “colorless” sources, in this case painlands, but it’s worth it. The damage can add up, especially with Read the Bones, but Seeker of the Way and Sorin, Solemn Visitor will get it all back eventually. The real reason to go hardcore on colorless mana is Sea Gate Wreckage, and in any grindy game, I’m betting on Sea Gate Wreckage.

Thought-Knot Seers out of the sideboard can be a gigantic beating if players are boarding out some removal against this creature-light deck. The other exciting sideboard player is Cranial Archive. Most players are trying to beat Four-Color Rally with Hallowed Moonlight and Infinite Obliteration, but Cranial Archive and a pile of removal is a better plan against them.

The StarCityGames.com Regional Championships, February 6!