Daily Digest: Devouring The Standard Metagame

Join GerryT on Daily Digest for a Standard deck that never quite made it when Theros first came out! See how it’s been updated for the current metagame and #SCGDAL!

Purphoros, God of the Forge alongside some token makers was a week one strategy in Theros Standard. Still, it never quite broke through, although Brian
Braun-Duin and Brad Nelson tried to make it happen at Grand Prix Chicago. With convoke in M15, the deck surely got some new tools, so how are we updating
the deck?

Apparently we’re just adding some Devouring Lights. It seems fitting that an underappreciated card like Devouring Light would fit into an underappreciated
deck. Honestly, Devouring Light solves some of the deck’s weaknesses to specific creatures, such as Desecration Demon, which are often too large to
overcome. Sacrificing your board to hold it at bay is never a great plan, even if you’re a token deck. Mono-Black Devotion always seems to have juuuust
enough removal to punish you for it.

We already have Selesnya Charm, but Devouring Light adds more copies and is a card that I can’t imagine anyone playing around. “So, you’re dead on board,
right?” “I dunno man, attack me and find out…”