Daily Digest: Darkest Enchantments

For today’s Daily Digest, Gerry has found an interesting reinterpretation of the G/W Hexproof deck in Standard by none other than StarCityGames.com columnist Michael Jacob that is worth a look!

DarkestMage is better known as StarCityGames’ own Michael Jacob, frequent streamer and occasional content provider. Today he brings us quite the brew, and one that I’d be curious to know the origins of.

At first glance, it has a lot of similarities to the various Hexproof decks out there, but instead of Hexproof he’s got a lot of Bestow and a touch of Constellation. His gameplan clearly involves building a giant creature, but he aims to protect them from removal with Duress and Thoughtseize instead of the Hexproof mechanic.

Against things like Supreme Verdict, this plan is much better. Against spot removal and Devour Flesh, it’s not that bad unless you invested a lot of Ethereal Armors. When you’re building a giant creature, having something that can win you races is much appreciated, and Gift of the Orzhova does just that. Whether it’s giving your big guy evasion for the win or simply gaining you six life, it’s a big help.

Perhaps MJ will provide some content on this deck in the future.