Daily Digest: Blood On the Ice

Still looking for the perfect Modern deck to battle with at #SCGMKE? Michael Majors may have found it for you. See what he feels is close to the current pinnacle of this archetype in the latest Daily Digest!

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<p>Sometimes I feature really interesting or off-the-wall decks. Other times it’s appropriate to simply admire good deckbuilding. </p>
<p>Erik Stahl’s take on Blue Moon looks to be exactly that, and it doesn’t surprise me that he was able to take down his #SCGStates this past week. </p>
<p>I’ve spoken about it several times previously, but Blue Moon is typically wracked with some specific problems. While its disruptive elements can be effective even to the point where they are even game over for some decks, Blue Moon frequently has issues with running out of resources and having an anemic or even nonexistent clock. This often allows their opponents to find the basics or cobble together the resources they need. </p>
<p>The unbanning of <a href=Ancestral Vision certainly alleviates one of those issues; Blood Moon grants some extra time to allow the suspend spell to wind down and refuel Stahl.

His other innovation is the inclusion of Thing in the Ice. Thing in the Ice has been talked about a bit as a weapon for Grixis Control, but it might even make more sense in Blue Moon. Previously the U/R deck was forced to contend with whatever board position its opponent was able to deploy pre-Moon, but Thing in the Ice cleanly picks up any efforts one may have made to get on the battlefield, and then they’re stuck there due to the mana constriction!

Further, it also puts a blisteringly fast clock on an opponent, which may even be fast enough to fight previously difficult matchups like Burn.

I can appreciate the inclusion of Think Twice as a tool that interacts nicely with the Blue Horror, but I think I would still rather have the stock Serum Visions instead.

The sideboard is nothing crazy. Despite the large number of singletons we’re mostly still operating on a variety of analogous effects to leverage with Snapcaster Mage. I do like the inclusion of Hibernation, though. We’re sometimes just going to need time to close out the game with Thing in the Ice, and this card can be high-impact when the number of turns in a game is smaller. Perhaps the same logic could be used to include Hurkyl’s Recall.

As of this writing, I certainly wouldn’t suggest another Blue Moon list over this one.

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