Daily Digest: Best Buddies

Need something new for Modern? Like attacking? GerryT’s research has pulled up yet another successful build that packs a lot of punch!

Very few people have explored the tag team of Geist of Saint Traft and Thrun, the Last Troll in Modern. We’ve seen some versions that rely on auras or
weird cards like Worship, but Geist and Thrun are just good on their own.

I like how this deck looks. It functions like a Delver deck but has hard hitters instead, giving it a lot of staying power. Plus white has some of the most
powerful sideboard options in Modern.

One card that I think doesn’t get enough respect is Bant Charm. Removing a creature or artifact unconditionally can be incredibly powerful in Modern due to
the diversity of threats, plus countering a Cryptic Command or Pyretic Ritual is pretty nice. I think this deck could get some good use out of it.