Daily Digest: Ahhh! RUG Monsters

Today’s Daily Digest takes R/G Monsters to a third color – but not Jund, as we usually see it! What happens when you add blue for planeswalkers and protection instead? Try it out at #SCGVEGAS!

In truth, this is just another G/R Monsters deck. However, the combination of planeswalkers and Anger of the Gods adds another layer to the deck, and it’s one that I’m a fan of. It might not be the robust, proactive machine that Jund Monsters is, but it has its own upsides.

Mono-Black Devotion might be able to kill all your monsters and the occasional planeswalker, but it’s very difficult to draw more Hero’s Downfalls than you have planeswalkers, especially when you have Syncopate and Izzet Charm to protect them. If you’re able to protect your planeswalkers, it shouldn’t be long before you have Kiora, Xenagos, and potentially Keranos all fighting for you.

The light counterspell package is also pretty nice since it allows you to fight Elspeth, Sun’s Champion and Sphinx’s Revelation. As I mentioned earlier, untapping with a planeswalker in play and then countering their Hero’s Downfall is also a pretty awesome feeling.

I’m not a huge fan of Polis Crusher, but otherwise, this deck looks pretty good and certainly very fun!