Daily Digest: Adverse Conditions Ahead

Ramp is on the rise, and the Eldrazi are to blame! This deck has proven it can win an event, and GerryT wants to show its strengths (and weaknesses) before you head to #SCGNJ’s $5,000 Standard Premier IQ!

Japanese Grand Prix are great sources for inspiration, but the #GPKobe Trial winners were kind of a letdown. Most of the decks were Abzan Aggro, although
one deck caught my eye in a big way.

Various Eldrazi Ramp strategies are catching on, including G/U variants, but we haven’t seen any like this. There are some powerful cards here, but not
ones we’ve typically seen in decks like this, cards such as Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy. There are also some other, stranger card choices.

The big star of this deck might actually be Drowner of Hope. It has Primeval Titan qualities as it can ramp you and provide a large body. It can also tap
down their creatures, giving you time to set up your bigger spells. In combination with something like From Beyond, it can be brutal.

These decks have started ignoring the Atarka Red matchup, which is certainly dangerous. I’m not sure if some sideboard Jaddi Offshoots are enough to beat
them in a match. Be careful.