Daily Digest: Admit It, You’ve Thought About It

Not everyone that plays a great PT deck makes Top 8. What hidden rogue gems are buried in unfair obscurity? GerryT digs through the lists and finds a survivor with some Standard life left!

C’mon, we’ve all imagined what it would feel like.

They’ve stabilized at a healthy life total and things aren’t looking good. Chances are slim that we win this game, but slim isn’t zero so we play on.
Suddenly, boom! Eleven damage straight out of nowhere. The rush is huge. It’s intoxicating. In that moment, you can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.

This is what happens when you Shrapnel Blast your opponent sacrificing a Scuttling Doom Engine.

Since that feels so good, why not add some Generator Servants too? More combo-rific draws has to be a good thing, right? What’s the worst they can do to
your hasty Scuttling Doom Engine? Kill it? Fine by me. In the meantime, our backup plan is a pretty reasonable red devotion deck splashing Chained to the
Rocks. It wasn’t quite doing it for us though, so we had to spice it up a bit. Thankfully M15 gave us the necessary tools.

If this is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.