Daily Digest: A Thirst For Knowledge

Shouta Yasooka is one of the most innovative deckbuilders of all-time. And he isn’t finished. See his incredible Modern list that nearly made Top 8 at Grand Prix Kobe! Build it for the $5,000 Premier IQ at #SCGATL!

If you know Shouta, you know he likes Dimir and he loves Tezzeret. It’s no surprise to see him adapting Tezzeret for Modern, especially with his
own unique style. He has a deckbuilding style that is unlike any other, and if you’ve ever seen a Shouta deck (think Eternal Command), you should be able
to recognize right away that he was the one behind it.

Shouta’s deck does not want to play for the late game. In that sense, his deck is very similar to a Jund deck except it uses wildly different cards.
There’s some disruption, a fast clock, and a plethora of utility lands that give him the ability to grind people out. Even Liliana of the Veil is present.
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is the heavy hitter.

There was a bevy of interesting decks to come out of Grand Prix Kobe, but this is among my favorites. I look forward to trying this one out and seeing if
it’s as good as I think it is.