Daily Digest: A Burning Revelation

Ever find yourself torn between playing a super-fast aggro deck and a slow and grindy control deck? GerryT has found a great compromise and it isn’t a midrange deck! Can this take someone to the Top 8 at #SCGNY?

It wasn’t long ago that we all believed that R/W Burn would be the check to Mono-Black Devotion and its variants. However, players quickly found ways to
attack that matchup, and now Burn rarely comes up in the discussion of decks that you’d expect to play against in Standard.

Perhaps it’s time we fixed all that.

The issue with Burn is that its clock is relatively slow. When paired against an opponent playing a fast creature deck, Burn will probably find that it’s
much slower. When that’s the case, it has to use its valuable spells on creatures rather than the player just to not lose, but then Burn has a difficult
time actually winning.

Perhaps the answer is to add a sweeper to get those pesky creatures off your back. Once you’re on that plan, having a consistent source of damage instead
of a low impact card like Shock might be more valuable. If we start looking at playing a deck like that, perhaps we want some cards that can own the late

Keranos, God of Storms sounds fantastic for that, but what about Sphinx’s Revelation? Is that a little too crazy? Maybe, but now we have a control deck
where all our removal spells double as win conditions. Clearly, we’re a little further from where we started, but is that a bad thing?