Daily Digest: 29-Land Aggro?

Players sometimes get mana flooded. GerryT wants to know why it has to be such a bad thing. See the deck that turns your disadvantage into a primary strategy for #SCGPHILLY!

How many land do you normally play in your aggressive decks? As low as 18, maybe as high as 24? Well, how about playing more land in your aggro deck than
in any of the popular control decks?

Why on earth would we want to do that?

Landfall is the obvious answer, but is it even a good one? This Jund Landfall deck uses the twelve aggressive landfall creatures from Battle for Zendikar, each of which want you to hit your land drops, plus a huge top end.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller and Thunderbreak Regent are the big payoffs at the top end, and you definitely want to cast them on Turn 4. I imagine this deck is
quite good at getting in early damage and just needs some way to finish off its opponent. Both Surrak and Regent are great at closing the game, but the
real finisher has X=8.

The payoff isn’t landfall, but Fireball!

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing 29 land in Standard, but I get where Ryusui is coming from. Use at your own risk.