Countdown To Grand Prix Atlanta: 7 Days Out — Guest Of Honor!

SCG could not be more proud to have this person in attendance and greeting fans next weekend. One of the most prolific and celebrated artists in Magic will be happy to meet you! You just need the force of will to be in attendance…

Welcome back to the Grand Prix Atlanta countdown blog! Yesterday, I went
over everything related to the side events at Grand Prix Atlanta. From the
schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to the unique events like Foiled
Again!, Sealed Spectaculars, and the Sunday Pro Tour Qualifier, everyone
should now have a better idea of what side events are available on November

When one comes to a Grand Prix, most of the time it’s to play in the main
event and test your skills against some of the best players in the world.
For others, it’s to play in as many side events as possible because you
just love the value that the Infinite Challenge option represents. And with
the addition of the Command Zone, even Commander players have their own
area to do their thing.

But something that everyone has in common at Grand Prix? Their love of
special guests! And at Grand Prix Atlanta, there are going to be quite a
few. And the headliner? The critically acclaimed Terese Nielsen!

The Who

As it so eloquently states on her website:

The work of Terese Nielsen has captured the imagination of the gaming
and comic book industry. Whether you’re immersed in the beauty of
“Stream of Life” or “Moon Sprite,” you’re sure to agree that you
haven’t been left untouched. She has made her place in the world of
fantasy art, lurking in the upper echelons as one of the foremost
female artists in the field…

Wizards of the Coast caught wind of her work in 1996 and she emerged
within Magic: The Gathering through


that same year. She has been in most of the card sets since then, and
continues to be a powerful artistic influence within the role-playing
world. She has been flown across the Atlantic and Pacific to be present
for signings, representing the international appeal of her work. One of
the art


irectors for WotC commented, “You’re one of the few artists I don’t
pigeon-hole. You do everything well.”

“Stream of Life,” commissioned by Wizards of the Coast, came out in the

Fifth Edition

card set for Magic the Gathering in 1996. This mystical, sensual
portrayal of dipping into the stream symbolizes the primordial urge we
have to seek sustenance from the Source or Stream of all life. The
feline beast represents great power, the elf, great wisdom; one is led
to muse on the possible relationship that exists between these
creatures of the wood, which by nature can never be completely defined.
This arresting image was composed with transparent washes of acrylic
intermingled with light glazes of airbrush.

“Moon Sprite,” another WotC piece, emerged through the

set not long after “Stream.” Produced in a mixed medium of acrylic,
gouache, colored pencil and the esteemed gold leaf, this image mirrors
the birth, the release of the creative. The pose, mood and
underlighting conspire to issue an enticing call to freedom. The
exquisite sense of emancipation imparted by the fairy is almost
tangible. We are witness to a timeless transcendence into higher levels
of awareness and expression, and are invited to participate in the
same. This “decorative piece of jewelry” remains a favorite with fans
as well.

The What

Terese has drawn numerous amazing pieces of Magic artwork:

Force of Will

Eternal Witness

Life From The Loam

Rest In Peace

Secluded Glen

See all the cards illustrated by Terese Nielsen



The When

So when can you meet Terese and have cards signed by her? All those details
are below:

Friday, November 10

Saturday, November 11

Sunday, November 12

10am – 1pm

3pm – 6pm

10am – 1pm

3pm – 6pm

10am – 1pm

3pm – 5pm

Signatures: First 5 free, $1 each thereafter

Limit: 10 per visit. Multiple visits are welcome.

What Monday Brings

Now that you know more about our Guest of Honor, it’s time for me to start
introducing you to our other special guests at Grand Prix Atlanta. On
Monday, I will be going over everyone who will be in Artist Alley, along
with the artwork they’re famous for and the times that they will be signing
those cards. See ya then!

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