Ask Ken, 08/13/2004

More mulligan decisions with the master.

When there are no more dragons to slay, how will you make a living, knight? This is Ask Ken, that was Dragon Master, [author name="Brian Kibler"]Brian Kibler[/author], I’m Ken Krouner, and I can only bask in his glow… We all know he does. As much as we pros (ex-pros?) love to pat each other on the back, I have some questions to answer.

Today’s question comes to us from Chris Phillips. Chris writes:

Cranial plating-less U/R/B Ravager Affinity

Play first.

1 Glimmervoid

1 Darksteel Citadel

2 Arcbound Worker

1 Welding Jar

1 Frogmite

1 Arcbound Ravager

My friends argued with me when I explained to them after the game that I should have kept like I did. Who was right?

~Chris Phillips

Well 2P, my biggest comment on this is why in God’s name were you not playing Cranial Plating? That card is perhaps the most important card in the deck. Even when it hits only once it is powerful. If you want to side it out against incredibly hateful decks, that’s one thing. But to not play it at all is suicide.

This is neither here nor there for your actual question. I am not sure what your friends are looking for in an opening draw but hands don’t get any better than this. In fact this opening hand is so good that I question the validity of this letter. I am not a big fan of Welding Jar, but if it is in the deck you can’t ask for more.

The reason I don’t like the Jar is that its scope is so limited. It does only one thing, die in place of another artifact in play. While this isn’t a terrible ability, the problem is it doesn’t always accomplish this.

So while I don’t agree with the build of your deck, I think your mulligan decision was 100% correct. In fact I don’t even think there is a debate.

The source on mulligan decisions,


Well that’s all the gas I have for this week. Join us next week when we look In the Eye of Chaos and pursue our Field of Dreams. G’night Everybody!

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