Ask Ken, 08/09/2004

Hi Ken,
I was wondering about your thoughts on Heartseeker in draft.

“I love you” can mean a lot of things… like”you’ll do ’til someone better comes along,” or”I can’t describe how I really feel, but I know that I’m supposed to say this,” or”Shut up, I’m watching TV.” This is Ask Ken. I’m your host Ken Krouner, and I love you all. So much in fact, that I am going to head back to my inbox yet again.

Today’s letter comes to us from multiple question writer Jason Choi. Jason writes:

Hi Ken,

I was wondering about your thoughts on Heartseeker in draft. I think it may be one of the most underated cards in draft. Sure it expensive but I think it effect is worthwhile. And with all the mana acceleration out there I think it should be a good 3rd pick. What are your thoughts?

Well Jason, I’m going to be honest with you. I used to hate this card with a passion – it is everything I hate in an equipment card. It is expensive to cast, expensive to equip, and it unattaches when activated. This card is clunky, slow, and only good in stalemates.

That being said, I think the card has gotten a lot better. By and large, the decks have slowed down a lot with the introduction of Fifth Dawn. 5-color Green can utilize this card the best, as it has the most spare mana hanging around and is generally the most prone to stalemates.

I still don’t condone this card in the main deck. It couldn’t be worse against a Black deck or a fast White deck, while even some Blue decks could give it some trouble. But in matchups where you have mana lying around and stalemates seem likely, this is a fine card to have out of the board.

The source on all the ghetto rigged equipment,


Anyone who gets the reference from today’s article will be my personal hero. We’ve got another fun filled week of questions for you so keep tuning in. G’night everybody!

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