Ask Ken, 07/15/2004

Today’s guest writer is the one, the only, the infamous… Mouth!

Two things. Okay, three things.

1. I really enjoy the Ask Ken feature and think that it really wouldn’t be the same if anyone else did it. Well, maybe Osyp.

2. The top fifteen list was good. I liked it a lot. Especially number 14. I love Zoolander.

3. What happened to your typical intro that was something like, ‘XXXXXX… Or it’s time for a little reader mail!’? That was a good intro format. Maybe I’m the only one who liked it and everyone else sent you threatening mail telling you that it sucked. Just wondering.

I guess I’d better add a question just to be polite. Well, I guess point #3 could be construed as a question, but it’s not really the type of question that regularly gets answered on Ask Ken. So here goes:

I know that a lot of you pros who go to a lot events know each other and know each other well, but do you ever meet new people at events and end up becoming friends? That is to say, is your group of successful pros exclusive?

Thanks for your time,


Hey Cup,

Its guest host time and instead of some notable Magic pro or prolific writer, its me, Mouth! I guess I’m more of an infamous Magic player than anything, but I used to be a frequent writer years ago and am back to the task because Ken felt lazy today. Now it is time to get on to your questions.

I agree that Ken is a great choice; he is very knowledgeable, not too funny, and not too serious either. Ken also has a great many friends he can utilize for the guest columns as well. Osyp could be a great daily columnist but eventually he would run out of inside jokes and there are only so many Magic players to poke fun at. After a few weeks of Ask Osyp you might start getting repeat Latin Dance Champion or Chili Cookoff jokes.

The top 15 list was very funny, I’m a big fan of when old school player Mike Bregoli did a similar report for PT: Rome 98 found here. I can’t say that I’m a fan of Zoolander but I did enjoy Ben Stiller in the most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Well, I didn’t read your third question in time to really embellish you with that type of intro, but I am very happy with the current so you’ll have to make due. I don’t know the true answer, but I can make a few guesses. I think Ken may have thought it a bit corny to constantly have an introduction like that. Some other times it’s much more appropriate to write something expositional like”writing to you from PT: Seattle” or”Fresh of a PTQ weekend”. [It was possible that the Managing Editor of these here site here complained that reading the old into was getting more and more painful. – Knut, just guessing]

You certainly redeem your earlier half questions with this gem. Just about everyone meets someone new at each event. Whether or not a friendship blossoms is really case-by-case. I’ve met people I never spoke to again, people I talk to on occasion, and most of my best friends at events. One of the greatest (if not the greatest) parts of playing Magic for me is meeting new people and seeing my friends. Most of my best friends I have met playing Magic and am more than grateful for that. I have yet to meet a single friend from playing poker, but hopefully I’ll find a cocktail waitress wife.

Thanks for reading my guest writing,