Ask Ken, 06/07/2004

I will be competing in PT Seattle and I would like you explain to me how we can share the colors in Team Rochester draft.

Welcome back to the phenomenon that is sweeping the world. I’m your host, Ken Krouner. I am extremely pleased with all the positive feedback I have been getting about Ask Ken…

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…You get the idea. Those groans of agony I hear can mean one of only two things. Either this shtick has finally gotten old, or it’s time for a little Reader Mail! Hey! Alright! I get to keep feeding you this line until we both vomit.

Today’s question comes to us all the way from Greece. John Pateros writes:

Hi Ken,

My name is John and I’m from Greece. I will be competing in PT Seattle and I would like you explain to me how we can share the colors in Team Rochester draft?


Great question John, short and sweet. Fifth Dawn offers us a unique opportunity not seen since Invasion Block. This is the opportunity to draft more than two colors. I think a great way to split up the colors would be to put Multi-Colored Green on the left. The reason for this is four-fold:

1) Green is at its best in Mirrodin.

2) Green has the most access to mana-fixers.

3) Fifth Dawn is where you are rewarded for drafting multiple colors.

4) It puts you in the position to cut off any potential bombs that would be passed to the other team, and actually play them regardless of the colors.

The only potential problem with this theory is that it puts a rather large onus on the C seat. Blue has a few cards capable of helping your mana. It is possible that you could have two mages drafting three or more colors. You are probably going to want White in the middle, as it is the most consistently strong of all the decks. This would put Blue in the A seat and White in the middle and Green the C.

Black and Red show be distributed as needed to fill in empty holes in the deck. Remember this is all theory, so check your local listings before heading out to the theaters.

The source on Team Rochester,


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