Ask Ken, 05/24/2004

Excluding Magic, what do you feel are the top 5″best” and”worst” games out there?

Hi and welcome to the last full week in my third month. Thanks for your support. I’m your host, Ken”Bartles and James” Krouner. That odd spinning sensation can mean one of only two things. Either I have drunken myself into a stupor once again, or it’s time for a little Reader Mail! Hey!

Today’s letter comes to us from Joel Christman of Delaware. Joel writes:

Hello Ken!

As Magic players and ambassadors, is it our responsibility to support Wizards’ new”baby Magic” card game: Duelmasters? Or can I treat it like Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon? Do you think Magic players have an obligation to support other games (and especially Wizards’ games) and gamers even if we don’t like those games and think everything else pales in comparison to Magic’s greatness? I would also be curious about your 5″best” and”worst” games out there, excluding MTG.


Delaware, USA

In answer to your first question, games are meant to be fun. If you find a game that is fun, play it. If not, don’t. You have no obligation when it comes to games.

As for the five best games.

5. Poker. This game combines gambling, strategy, human nature, and math all in one. It appeals to a great number of people, making it unique in this way.

4. Monopoly. A true American classic. Redefined a genre.

3. Werewolf. The party game that take a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

2. Truth or Dare. Come on, how else can a game get some play from a girl?

1. Survivor. The TV based strategy/political game that created reality TV. This is without a doubt the best game ever created.

Worst games are harder to pick. A bad game isn’t really a game and has a way of disappearing. I consider it a form of natural selection. Only the strongest games survive. Magic has the time tested appeal that you need to stay alive in the game world. Could Marvel prove to challenge its undisputed number one status in the CCG Genre? Who knows? I do know this – However long it lasts, Magic is true mastery.

The source on all games.


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