Ask Ken, 03/16/2004

At the request of Mister Krouner, today’s question cannot be posted to the front-page viewing public due to its violent content and sensitive nature. Enquiring minds need only check inside…

Well it looks like you all have another five minutes to kill, and I must admit, I am glad you have decided to kill it with me. Looks like you all enjoyed the controversy of yesterday’s question, as the forums were hopping, to say the least. But enough of me basking in my own glory, it’s time for a little Reader Mail! Hey!

Today’s letter comes to us from the frozen tundra that is Buffalo, New York. Lee Churchill of Buffalo writes:

i have come to realize that fists of the anvil is one of my favorite cards EVER it is so good that i have splashed for it in my top 8 ptq deck ( i top 8’ed 2 back-to-back ptq’s).  I want you to write and ask ken article on fists of the anvil telling everyone what pick u take it in draft and tell everyone how good it is.  if anyone ever has the slightest hint that it is bad e-mail me at [email protected] and i will chew ur a$$ out. 



P. S.  Ken u better put this e-mail up on star city if u dont were gonna have problems.   im gonna be checking  thx

Well Lee, first I want to say that I am very proud of you. You write very well for a six-year-old. It is good to see players Top 8’ing PTQs at such a young age. You must truly be a prodigy.

Mirrodin has very little disparity in power level. The most powerful cards in the set are closer in power to the least powerful cards than in any prior set. I think there are only 2 or 3 cards in the entire set I have never considered playing.

This closeness in power level allows you to play cards like Fists of the Anvil with great success. I too have realized that this card can be very powerful in certain situations, and I play it about 90% of the time I have it, if there is a Spikeshot Goblin in my deck. It can be used to make a lethal attack, trade with a creature, or with the Goblin, it can be straight up creature kill.

This card is not an early pick by any means, but when building your deck, don’t dismiss it right away.

Fellow Fan of the Fists,

Kartin’ Ken

Well there you have it folks, every dog has his day. Don’t be ashamed to pump your creatures, because if you don’t do it, who will?

Join me tomorrow when I answer a bit of mail from one of StarCity’s own. G’night everybody!

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Welcome to week three of Ask Ken. I hope you all gave due appreciation to John Larkin over the weekend. He received his honor, but now it is time for a little Reader Mail! Hey!

Today’s controversial question comes to us from the tiny state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s own Ben Chapman writes:


What is your take on the Nick Eisel situation back from
Grand Prix: Boston? Do you think he cheated or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Also a draft question…in MMM draft first pick first pack do you take Grab the Reins or Platinum Angel?

Ben Chapman – University of New Hampshire

Well Ben, this is a touchy subject here at StarCityGames.com. Keep in mind the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the staff and management of Star City.

I think Nick cheated. There are ways to prove it. I don’t like that the DCI did not make them public, but as we all know cards come on a print run and it would be possible to discern that the Ravenous Baloth could not have been in the sealed product.

I also found Nick’s responses pretty desperate and offensive. So while I have no concrete proof that Nick is guilty, I am of the firm belief that he is.

As for the draft pick, Angel is easily dealt with and Grab is not. When in doubt, Grab the Reins it is likely the right pick.



So there you have it folks, I’ll answer the most hard hitting of questions and I will do so with honesty. Join me tomorrow when I talk about a sleeper common that I bet some of you have received as late as fifteenth pick. G’night everybody!