An Adieu to Rishada

A poem, bidding farewell to the block we know so well.

It is time at last to bid farewell

To Rishada, and its infamous ports

The Masques shall now stop

For a spell

The fires will be somewhat quenched

When the Blastoderms retreat

Back to their jungles, with Saps drenched

No more planeswalkers shall they eat

The skies may now be free at last

Of Airships, Hatchlings and Spirits

An Odyssey ahead, a new cast

To mark the squadron’s exit

What shall the blue mage do?

When made to pay in full

Instead of returning lands of blue

To Thwart and possibly to Foil

Rest in peace, Lin-Sivvi

We knew you only too well

Bring to another your anarchy

Known under the name”rebel”

Adieu to those confounded Tangle Wires

The red mage must find another way

To bring upon us the dismay

Of lands destroyed by his Wildfires

Ahead of us now an Odyssey

Of unbounded proportions

Tales have started of the Mirari

A relic that offers redoubled solutions

What shall the next era bring

None shall say, but in a fortnight

The Masques shall go, and I shall sing

Of Magic renewed – and nary a Port in sight.

Pierre DuPont

[email protected]