AJTV – Episode #1: Playing Against Standstill & Team America Vs. BUG

AJ Sacher’s first episode of AJTV was inspired by Day9’s Starcraft commentary; he reviews various matches and focuses on playing against Standstill in Legacy and the differences between Team American and BUG Control.

Presenting AJTV Episode #1!

I explain why I am starting this new project and everything in the video, but wanted to write a bit in order to mention that the existence of AJTV does
not mean that I will no longer be writing text-based articles. As I say in the video, it is merely a vehicle in which I can express ideas without
having to be overly perfectionistic about it so that the information gets out there in a timely fashion.

This episode went fairly well for a first try, although there were a few bumps and things that I could have done better, but it’s a process so I will
be looking to improve upon those things for next time.

I want to do some coverage of some good matches, as well as some more theory and metagame talk in future episodes. The freeform style of the platform
really allows me to cover a lot of ground with relatively little effort compared to writing multiple articles on each concept I want to talk about.
This ability to cover a wide variety of subjects while easily interconnecting them feels easy and natural to me, as it is just like having a discussion
about Magic with a friend. Oftentimes I would give someone really sound advice that I would wish I could put into an article somehow, but would be
incapable of translating it into text-only (or would just forget or not realize). This is a pretty unique solution to that issue.

I will be doing a couple more episodes before finally making a decision on whether or not to continue this type of production or to go back to only
text articles. In short, this is currently merely an experiment, but one that I feel has a lot of potential.

Please let me know what you think of the new format, and if you have a topic you would like me to discuss or a match that you would like me to analyze
in-depth, please let me know in the forums.

AJ Sacher
@HUDbot on Twitter