15 Magic Clickbait Articles You Must Read Before You Die!

Pro Tour Champion Shaun McLaren is showing his hand! Here, he has compiled the 15 articles that took him to the top of competitive Magic! You’ll die if you don’t read them! Celebrities! Weight loss! That Kardashian lady!

Cherished Readers,

This article is clickbait and is full of clickbait.

is, of course, a link or headline that peaks your curiosity and encourages you to click and see more. Clickbaiting is so ingrained into the internet
nowadays that even satire of it is becoming prevalent.

What makes good Magic content? It could be something that helps us learn and get better, new decklists, or simply good entertainment. If you’re like
me, you’re happy absorbing practically anything Magic-related just because it’s about Magic.

Anyways, I figured I’d get ahead of the curve and lay down some of the best Magic headlines and Deluxe Clickbait I could think of. We’re talking as
misinformed, silly, or attention-grabbing as possible.


Yours Truly,

Shaun McLaren