Yorion Dimir Inverter Is The Best Deck In Pioneer

Dimir Inverter plus a companion? Sign Rivals competitor Emma Handy up! She offers her latest list and a guide to key matchups.

Thassa’s Oracle, illustrated by Jesper Ejsing

The ebb and flow of the metagame in a given format can be the most confusing thing.

For example, Inverter of Truth combo decks have just been a level above the rest of Pioneer for months now, but people seem to have collectively...just stopped playing them.

This is in part to the surge of midrange decks in the format, as well as Lurrus of the Dream-Den-fueled aggro decks a la Boros Burn and Orzhov Auras. Both of these can be unfavorable for Inverter variants, but we all know that isn't the only thing that can determine a deck's value in a format.

When Ironworks was the best deck in Modern, it was still a level ahead of the rest of the field, despite having tough matchups against Five-Color Humans and Bant Spirits.

That's because in wide-open non-rotating formats, raw power is worth more than a favorable heads-up matchup. Beating lesser decks on the back of a . . .

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