What Makes Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited Tick?

What are the ground rules of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited? Which color should you avoid at all costs? Sam Black shares his rules for good MTG drafting.

Ecstatic Awakener, illustrated by Tuan Duong Chu

In a word...?


In a sentence...?

The format is driven by an abundance of efficient removal.

To begin our understanding of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited, I'd like to unpack what that means, why it matters, what impact that has, and what it means for the format.

Eaten Alive Defenestrate Olivia's Midnight Ambush

In typical sets, black and red tend to each have three common removal spells. For example, in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, black had Precipitous Drop, Grim Bounty, and Eyes of the Beholder; red had Improvised Weaponry, Dragon's Fire, and Farideh's Fireball. Typically, these removal spells have a range of costs and number of creatures they impact.  This trend continues in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt.  Black has Eaten Alive, Defenestrate, and Olivia's Midnight Ambush.  Red kind of has four removal spells with Immolation, Neonate's Rush, Moonrager's Slash, and Burn the Accursed.

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