Overperformers And Underperformers From Core Set 2021 Thus Far

Bryan Gottlieb is busy sorting the dreams from the results in Core Set 2021 Standard! Which new cards flopped, and which became secret stars?

Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse, illustrated by Izzy

Core Set 2021 is upon us and, like always, Week 1 of the format has been a humbling reminder of just how difficult it is to judge the quality of a non-broken card before playing with it. There are no companions in this set to immediately latch onto and focus all deckbuilding around. No mana doubling. No free cantrips. No truly absurd planeswalkers…though Teferi, Master of Time is toeing the line.

No complaints here. The capability Magic cards have to surprise is one of the huge reasons I love this game so much. If predictions were easy, they wouldn't be fun. After release, there's nothing to do but sit down at the table, cut yourself off a nice slice of humble pie, and get to work updating and rethinking your previous assumptions. With that goal in mind, it's time for us to identify the cards in Core Set 2021 that have overperformed and underperformed thus far.



Basri Ket is the planeswalker that finally taught me my lesson. No matter how . . .

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