Navigating Curveballs In Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited

Some cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited demand changes in the usual ways to draft and build decks. Sam Black shares these MTG build-arounds and how to use them.

Turn the Earth, illustrated by Alayna Danner

In a format like Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Limited, I expect most players to have pretty strong archetype preferences.  Specifically, I expect most players who have been studying the format to have a preference to end up in Dimir, with openness to substituting white for either blue or black, and possibly having some other archetype(s) they feel comfortable drafting.  Even if you don't think of yourself as having a preference for these archetypes, and just try to draft the best cards, more often than not you'll end up in these decks because most of the good cards happen to lead that way. 

However, sometimes you'll see a particularly powerful card in another color.  Do you take it or steer clear?  If you take it, what do you do next?  Moreover, some powerful cards are only good in certain kinds of decks.  Do you know how to make them work on the fly?

Organ Hoarder Diregraf Horde

If your deck is built around commons, it probably does relatively normal things.  Commons appear in packs more often, so more decks are built around them — they define what normal is.  Also, cards that point toward more narrow or divergent strategies tend to primarily get printed at higher rarities.  What this means is that when you're drafting around commons, most normal wisdom about the format applies.  This could be stats on 17Lands.com, your previous experience with cards, or any tips you've picked up from other people.  All the general wisdom will primarily refer to the way the commons in a format play.

When a deck is built around one or more rares or particularly narrow uncommons, it can find itself trying to do different things from what decks of its color normally do.  The more divergent your strategy is from what's normally done with commons, the more you can and should ignore conventional wisdom when evaluating which cards you want for your deck.

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