Mono-Green Aggro Is The Deck To Beat In Standard 2022

Todd Anderson is going green, in the Standard 2022 queue on MTG Arena at least. See why he thinks Mono-Green Aggro is the format’s top deck.

Gnarled Professor, illustrated by Simon Dominic

The current Standard featuring Throne of Eldraine is a lame-duck format. Too many powerful cards are stifling the lower-powered (but fun) stuff that’s been made in 2021 and everyone knows it. Even Wizards of the Coast (WotC) knows it, which is why they’ve made Standard 2022 on Magic Arena. Multiple organizations and streamers have been running Best-of-Three events on MTGMelee, including one where Brad Nelson took first place.

Not only does rotating out the majority of 2020 cards breathe new life into existing game pieces, but we actually get to see what these new cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms can do. I have no love for Throne of Eldraine or the companion mechanic, so exploring this new format before it fully develops later this year is not only useful, it’s incredibly fun.

We had a small glimpse of what a more aggressively rotating format could look like a few years ago, but WotC deemed it a failure because too many people complained about their cards cycling out of Standard too quickly. That same complaint might happen here too, but WotC has at least done the smart thing and let Traditional Standard queues still exist, with ladder progression counting on all manner of different formats being played.


Standard 2022 seems robust so far. Today’s article, and multiple articles from my fellow writers this week, explore that format. I will be primarily focused on Mono-Green Aggro with an emphasis on the new cards that make the archetype tick, as well as some old hits that were mostly overshadowed until now. Let’s get started and figure out what this new Standard 2022 format is all about!

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