Modern Horizons 2 Has Taken Zoo From Pretender To Contender

It’s been a long time since Zoo has dominated Modern but Michael Majors believes it’s time to dust off those Wild Nacatls thanks to Modern Horizons 2.

Scion of Draco, illustrated by Andrew Mar

It’s finally time for me to talk about Modern Horizons 2.  I’m much more excited for this set than the normal release, having worked on it in a leading role and it being an opportunity to take our learnings from the first Modern Horizons and hopefully do it bigger and better.  Whether we really nailed it is to be seen of course as Modern adopts over the next few months, but I’m really proud of the work our team did on the set and so far the response has been incredible and overall, frankly, a lot more positive than I expected, which I’m extremely thankful for.

Today, I’m going to be talking about Domain Zoo strategies.  It was one of my personal goals for Modern Horizons 2 to prop up Domain Zoo, and in particular the viability of attacking and blocking with some large creatures that have text boxes that aren’t entirely predicated on pairing them with all the cheapest cards (particularly instant and sorceries).

Disclaimer: Some of these decks will probably be somewhat close to decks that were in the Future . . .

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