Everything I Know About Four-Color Indomitable Creativity In Modern

Four-Color Indomitable Creativity is on Ross Merriam’s Modern MTG radar (for being under the radar). He shares his latest list and a sideboarding guide.

Indomitable Creativity, illustrated by Deruchenko Alexander
Indomitable Creativity, illustrated by Deruchenko Alexander

With a major Modern tournament coming up this weekend in Las Vegas, all eyes are on that format. Innistrad: Crimson Vow hasn't made a significant impact on the metagame, so I suspect we'll see very similar decks to what was played at the recent Invitational. And despite Modern's long-held reputation as a haven for linear strategies, that actually means a lot of interaction.

Simply put, the interactive tools that have been added to Modern in recent years have completely reshaped the format. Force of Negation, Prismatic Ending, Unholy Heat, and Solitude are just a sampling of the great removal and counters that Modern players now have access to and that have made life a lot more difficult for linear decks. Yes, Gruul Belcher just had a great weekend, taking down both Modern Challenges on Magic Online (MTGO), but I suspect that is largely due to such a strange deck not garnering the respect it deserves, and now, with a large target on its back, the deck's fortunes will quickly turn.

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