WotC Temporarily Suspends In-Store Play For Europe

WotC has suspended in-store play for Europe, a week after suspending US and LATAM.

Less than a week after suspending tabletop play for the United States and LATAM, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has announced they are temporarily suspending all in-store tabletop events in Europe, including Russia.

This decision was made based on feedback gathered from European Zendikar Rising Prereleases and once again ties in to the state of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. WotC explains they have been “closely monitoring the state of the pandemic” and made this decision for “the safety of the community…”

According to WotC, this suspension will affect the Commander Legends and Kaldheim prereleases, which will both be moved to remote status, and tournament organizers are reminded not to use Prerelease materials allocated for these events for any tournaments or events not conducted through EventLink or WER.

Any Commander Legends Prerelease events that are currently scheduled will automatically be changed to a remote event. WPN members may use Promo Packs as sales incentives or for players who join an event with Magic Companion. The Prerelease Early Sale Promotion is unaffected.

WotC also reminds event organizers that “remote play events remain available in Wizards Event Reporter and EventLink, but any live events scheduled will be automatically cancelled and removed from the Store and Event Locator.”

WotC intends to continue monitoring the situation and will reevaluate come their next scheduled update on November 11.

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