Wilderness Reclamation Dominates As Players Tour Finals Top 8 Is Finalized

Stacked event whittles down the field to Top 8 to be played Saturday.

After fourteen rounds of Swiss, the Top 8 of the Players Tour Finals has been determined. 145 players battled it out this past weekend to see who would go on to to play in the Top 8 this coming weekend and who would qualify for the Players Tour Grand Finals.

A mix of longtime pro players and fresh faces made the Top 8, where only four of the eight players are playing Wilderness Reclamation decks.

  • Ben Weitz, Four-Color Reclamation
  • Allen Wu, Temur Reclamation
  • Patrick Fernandes, Temur Reclamation
  • Riku Kumagai, Mono-Black Aggro
  • Michael Jacob, Mardu Winota
  • Kristof Prinz, Four-Color Reclamation
  • Raphael Levy, Azorius Control
  • Christoffer Larsen, Jund Sacrifice

To no surprise, Temur Reclamation and Four-Color Reclamation were the most played decks in the field, combining for just under 55% of the field on Day 1 and a staggering 60% of the field on Day 2. When you factor in Bant Ramp and Sultai Ramp, more than 74% of the Day 2 field consisted of Growth Spiral decks.

Despite the four Wilderness Reclamation decks in the Top 8, four other archetypes reached the elimination rounds: Mono-Black Aggro, Mardu Winota, Azorius Control (Yorion), and Jund Sacrifice.

The Top 8 will play out Saturday with a randomized double-elimination bracket with best-of-three matches. The Top 16 finishers from the Swiss also qualified for the Players Tour Grand Finals later this year. Joining the Top 8 are:

  • Piotr Glogowski
  • Autumn Burchett
  • Sam Sherman
  • Seth Manfield
  • Alvaro Fernandez Torres
  • Austin Bursavich
  • Ivan Floch
  • Eetu Perttula

View the Top 16 decklists.