Takahashi, Izzet Dragons, Wins Magic World Championship XXVII

Yuta Takahashi wins Magic World Championship XXVII without losing a match of Standard on the weekend.

Goldspan Dragon, illustrated by Andrew Mar

Yuta Takahashi won Magic World Championship XXVII with Izzet Dragons on Sunday.

After starting the event 0-3 in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft, Takahashi ran the table with Izzet Dragons going 7-0 on his way to the Top 4, then rattled off four more wins to become the world champ. Takahashi won $70,000 and will get to have his likeness on a Magic card in an upcoming set.

Takahashi entered the Top 4 as the #2 seed and started things off on Sunday with a 2-0 win over Jean-Emmanuel Depraz on Temur Midrange. Takahashi used a 2-1 win against Jan Merkel on Grixis Epiphany to punch his ticket to the title match. Depraz fought his way back for a chance at the title with wins in the lower bracket against Ondrej Strasky and Merkel. The title match was a best-of-three matches, but Takahashi only required two as he completed the tournament undefeated in Standard.

Takahashi was the lone player in the event on the classic build of Izzet Dragons, opting to go against the build that combos Alrund’s Epiphany with Galvanic Iteration. As a longtime Faeries player, it was fitting Takahashi went with a clock first, followed by disruption and controlling elements. While the winning list still utilized Alrund’s’ Epiphany, the deck showcased the power of having Goldspan Dragon and Smoldering Egg in the maindeck backed up by three copies of the seven-mana Time Warp effect.

Merkel finished in third with Grixis Epiphany while Strasky had to settle for fourth-place with Izzet Epiphany after making the Top 4 without dropping a match on Day 1 or 2.

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