Promo Packs To Feature Select Commander Cards

Big changes are coming to Promo Packs, starting with Theros Beyond Death!

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced today that starting with Theros Beyond Death, some Promo Packs will “contain a card that may not be Standard-Legal.”

As part of WotC’s plan to promote Commander more in 2020, they plan to experiment with “broadening the appeal of the promo packs such that it aligns with the different ways people like to enjoy the game.”

In order to keep the theme of the Standard set associated with the Promo Packs there will only be 20 non-standard cards included in the full 121 card list.

Anguished Unmaking Aven Mindcensor Cleansing Nova Clever Impersonator Combustible Gearhulk

Disallow Eerie Interlude Gilded Lotus Helm of the Host Heroic Intervention

In Garruk's Wake Mirage Mirror Noxious Gearhulk Pull from Tomorrow Sidisi, Undead Vizier

Soul of New Phyrexia Sunbird's Invocation Sword of the Animist World Shaper Zendikar Resurgent

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